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Circle of light and the cosmos Mandala (3)

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Image of Circle of light and the cosmos Mandala (3)
  • Image of Circle of light and the cosmos Mandala (3)
  • Image of Circle of light and the cosmos Mandala (3)

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Canvas hand painted with acrylic paint. Size: 3.5" x 4.73" x 0.12". (9 x 12 cm). The painting is protected from UV rays and dust with coats of mate varnish. The back is signed for originality.  No frame!

Circle of light and the cosmos. Experimenting with the flow the colors on an inner journey.

Red, First Chakra. It is the color of love, passion, sensuality, strength, endurance, independence, conquest, impulsiveness, anger, and hatred. Drives the life force throughout the body.

Orange, second Chakra. Energy, optimism, ambition, activity, courage, self-confidence same desire for prestige, frivolity. Increases self-esteem, helps address all challenges for the development of the person. Taught to use the successes or failures as experiences and learning.

Yellow, Third Chakra. It is the light, the sun, joy understanding, liberation, growth, wisdom, fantasy, yearning for freedom, envy, and superficiality. Help unlock fears inmates. Allows manage balance the ego, disappointments, everything that affects

Green, Fourth Chakra. Balance, growth, hope, perseverance, will, healing, wholeness, wellness, tenacity, prestige. Insincerity, ambition, power. It projects tranquility and balance in the sentimental. Can express feelings more freely. Expand the inner love for self and others.

Blue, Fifth Chakra. Calm, peace, serenity, security, boredom, stagnation innocence, empty. It helps to externalize what goes inside, allowing evolve as changes that are taking place in the life of the person. Avoid frustration and Resistance to contact people, allows tolerance thoughts

Indigo, Sixth Chakra. It helps communicate with the inner self, opening intuition. It learns how to let flow the brain's messages, connecting directly to the intelligence of cosmic consciousness.

Violet, Seventh Chakra. Mystical, magic, spirituality, transformation, inspiration. Pena, resignation, melancholy.

Rosa. Friendship, sociability, communication, imagination, humor, charm, selfishness, need for recognition. Sends stimuli total balance at all levels. Love. Inner peace, self-worth. Balances the emotions, helps release resentment, anger, guilt, jealousy.

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